B2B Portal

We present our original solution for trading and distribution companies, which integrates sales processes with the Dynamics 365 Business Central system.

The use of an intuitive interface makes it much easier to manage purchasing and sales processes. Companies that use this type of platforms are able to better tailor their products and services to the needs of individual customers. At the same time, thanks to the B2B Portal, it is possible to achieve efficient data flow between the trading platform and the Dynamics 365 Business Central system.

Check what the user interface looks like

The B2B Portal displays data about individual customers (including balances, credit limit, liabilities and latest sales documents).

The product list can be personalized to suit a specific customer.
It may contain individually negotiated prices and information about product availability in real time. The customer can choose which products he wants to add to the “List of favorite products” to speed up the process of searching for products and placing orders in the future.

The “Sales documents” tab allows you to view and download all sales documents. Users can view information such as document number, document date, quantity, amount and document type, e.g. credit note, invoice, etc.

The cart is clear and easy in manage view when making an order. Just like in a typical online store, the shopping cart shows a summary of the order. After placing an order, sales data is automatically transferred to the Dynamics 365 Business Central system.

Benefits and functionalities

Data synchronization Data synchronization All information presented on the B2B portal is current, consistent and clear with the Dynamics 365 Business Central system.
More effective order management More effective order management The B2B portal enables the automation of many repetitive and time-consuming processes, including: placing orders, generating invoices or tracking deliveries.
Effective exchange of information Effective exchange of information A B2B portal creates a central place where a company can communicate to its business partners about new products or promotions regarding their products.
Shortening the sales cycle Shortening the sales cycle The B2B portal allows you to accelerate the sales process by providing customers with easy access to information about products, prices and availability.
Data tracking and analysis Data tracking and analysis The B2B portal allows you to collect information regarding all orders, sales documents and customer preferences (list of favorite products).
Updating stock levels Updating stock levels Integration of the B2B portal with Dynamics 365 Business Central enables automatic monitoring of inventory levels and synchronization of product availability data.
Personalization and customization Personalization and customization The B2B portal can be tailored to the individual needs of the client. You can customize the look, features, and processes to best suit your specific business requirements.
Streamlining the ordering process Streamlining the ordering process Traders can place orders on the B2B portal on behalf of the user, which eliminates the need to forward orders and significantly shortens the time needed to finalize the order.


  • What is the EIP Dynamics B2B Portal?

    EIP Dynamics B2B Portal to rozwiązanie łączące się przez API z systemem Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Jest to rozwiązanie dedykowane dla firm dystrybucyjnych i handlowych dokonujących sprzedaży w modelu B2B.

    Wykorzystanie intuicyjnego interfejsu znacznie ułatwia zarządzanie procesami związanymi z zakupami i sprzedażą. Firmy, które korzystają z platform tego typu są w stanie lepiej dopasować swoje produkty i usługi do potrzeb poszczególnych klientów. Jednocześnie dzięki platformie B2B możliwe osiągnięcie sprawnego przepływu danych pomiędzy platformą handlową a systemem Dynamics 365 Business Central.

  • What functionalities does the EIP Dynamics B2B Portal have?

    The advantage of using such a solution is a significant improvement in communication between the supplier and the customer. The platform offers access to a list of individually negotiated prices, presents information on liabilities and sales documents, and presents information on product availability in real time.

  • How to see the DEMO of the B2B Portal?

    To arrange a demo presentation, please complete the contact form or use direct contact:
    - E-mail: dynamics@eip.pl
    - Telephone: +48 533 003 630.


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