Microsoft Dynamics NAV performance analysis

To meet customer expectations, we offer a performance analysis service for Microsoft Dynamics NAV systems. The analysis covers four layers: SQL, business, application and infrastructure analysis. Depending on your needs, you can use one of the flexible hour packages.


Choose a package tailored to your needs


10h Basic


22h Medium


77h Advanced

Basic package

SQL layer

  • parallelism research
  • examining SQL instances
  • checking services
  • index fragmentation verification
  • maintenance plan
  • verification of missing indexes
  • SQL memory verification

Infrastructure layer

  • infrastructure memory check
  • architecture verification
  • data storage

Application layer

  • checking the load on basic tables


Everything that’s included in the Basic package, plus:

Business layer

  • examining the use of tables
  • retention policy study
  • background posting

Application layer

  • DBPlus installation for a trial period
  • general analysis of the 10 slowest SQL queries with indication of places in the application causing slowdowns


All the elements that are included in the Basic and Medium packages, plus additionally:

Business layer

  • examination of generated documents
  • finding bottlenecks

Application layer

  • full analysis of SQL queries divided into individual days, indicating places in the application causing slowdowns

What areas are analyzed?

SQL layer SQL layer
Business layer Business layer
Application layer Application layer
Infrastructure layer Infrastructure layer


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