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LS Central is the leading, unified POS software solution. It enables you to effectively manage retail stores, restaurants and hotels using one centralized software platform. It connects points of sale (POS) and the areas of finance, inventory management, e-commerce (e-commerce platform) and many others.

A comprehensive all-in-one solution. LS Central extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with all the features you need for retail. On one platform, you can access financial data (Microsoft ERP), point of sale (POS), store operations, supply chain management, inventory, e-commerce and customer loyalty information.

All-in-one restaurant software to manage all your foodservice needs, from tableside ordering to inventory to kitchen management and more

LS Central for restaurants is a solution that provides access to real-time data and a comprehensive business picture for restaurants, cafes, pubs, halls and other services related to the catering industry

The solution allows you to optimize the check-in process, handle cash registers, manage cleaning services, manage reservations, and control inventory and accounting.

Additionally, you can conduct retail sales and catering services in one coherent platform. All information is in one database, you have full insight into your company and customers.

Benefits and functionalities

Comprehensive “All-In-One” solution Comprehensive “All-In-One” solution A key benefit of LS Retail is that the solution is designed as a comprehensive platform to manage all aspects of your business, including sales, inventory, customer data and all related areas. Having all business data in one place allows you to make faster decisions that are tailored to the changing environment.
Efficient inventory management Efficient inventory management LS Retail offers advanced inventory management capabilities, which allows you to improve processes related to their flow. With LS Retail you can easily monitor inventory levels, set reorder points, manage inventory transfers between stores and much more. This can help you optimize your inventory levels, reduce out-of-stocks and improve your financial performance.
Enhanced Point of Sale (POS) Enhanced Point of Sale (POS) LS Retail's point of sale (POS) system offers a fast and efficient checkout process, enabling efficient and easy transaction processing. This influences the customer's positive experience with the product or brand (customer experience), increasing the likelihood of repeat transactions and thus building customer loyalty.
Possibility to perform analyzes in real time Possibility to perform analyzes in real time LS Retail, thanks to the analytical functions that can be used, provides a comprehensive picture of the company's financial results and enables monitoring sales trends. It is also possible to track customer behavior by analyzing marketing campaigns. This leads to the identification of areas requiring improvement, which in turn is used to make decisions based on data.
Multi-channel Multi-channel LS Retail was designed to support multi-channel commerce, providing a consistent experience across various sales platforms, including stationary stores, online stores, mobile applications and many others. Across these channels, LS Retail makes it easy to manage your product list, their prices and all related information.
Loyalty programs and promotions Loyalty programs and promotions LS Retail allows you to create and manage promotions and loyalty programs. With LS Retail you can easily create discounts, coupons and special offers to increase your sales. Loyalty programs can also be set up, improving customer retention.
Ease of use and integration Ease of use and integration LS Retail ensures ease of use and integration with existing systems. The solution is designed to work with a wide range of hardware and software. It is easily adaptable to your individual business needs, which means you can easily integrate LS Retail with your current business profile without affecting its efficiency.
Security Security LS Retail was built with security in mind, so business data is protected through built-in, dedicated functions. Ensuring access control to sensitive data, the ability to monitor user activity and implement security rules complete the security area of the LS Retail solution.


  • What does LS Retail offer in a nutshell?

    LS Retail provides comprehensive software solutions primarily for the retail and hotel industries. The core product, LS Central, combines an ERP solution and retail-specific features to offer a unified platform for managing various aspects of business operations.

  • Which industries will benefit most from LS Retail solutions?

    LS Retail focuses mainly on the retail and hotel sectors, however, the comprehensive solutions designed also support restaurants, spas, supermarkets, fashion stores and many others - wherever smooth management of sales operations is required.

  • Does LS Retail offer cloud-based solutions?

    Yes, LS Retail provides cloud-based options, allowing businesses to access management tools from anywhere, providing greater flexibility and real-time data tracking.

  • Can LS Retail solutions be adapted to different business sizes?

    LS Retail solutions support businesses of all sizes, from small, independent retailers to large retail chains. Scalability and flexibility as the company grows are ensured here.

  • How does LS Retail software integrate with third-party systems?

    LS Retail solutions are designed to easily integrate with multiple third-party systems, ensuring you support operational efficiency and maintain your preferred software ecosystem without compatibility issues.

  • What distinguishes LS Central from Business Central?

    LS Central serves as an integrated additional module intended mainly for retail sales. It extends the capabilities of Business Central beyond its standard, core functionalities to include a comprehensive set of features specifically tailored to the retail sector. This integration enables companies to effectively manage various aspects of their retail operations, such as point of sale (POS) systems, inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM), and much more. Everything takes place in the Business Central environment and this cooperation guarantees the improvement of industry-specific processes - while using the solid foundations of Business Central functionalities.

  • Can LS Central work offline?

    LS Central provides versatility in this aspect of functionality and can operate both offline and in a hybrid model. This gives companies the flexibility to manage their operations regardless of an Internet connection. This feature ensures continuous synchronization of services and data, even when network access is limited.
    LS Central zapewnia wygodną integrację popularnymi platformami e-commerce takimi jak Shopify i Magento. LS Central został zaprojektowany również w taki sposób, aby wspierać integrację z innymi platformami e-commerce, oferując firmom elastyczność w wyborze najbardziej odpowiedniego rozwiązania dla ich potrzeb w zakresie sprzedaży online.

  • Is LS Central adapted to support integrated payment card devices with cash register systems?

    LS Central is adapted to support integrated payment card devices with POS systems. This feature allows businesses to securely process payments and transactions directly within the POS system, streamlining the checkout process and improving the overall customer experience.

  • Is LS Central equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities?

    LS Central is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that can be used to analyze data, provide insights and optimize various aspects of business operations. For example, AI can help with demand forecasting, inventory management, personalized marketing, and improved customer service.

  • Is the point of sale functionality in LS Central compatible with mobile devices or tablets?

    LS Central and its point of sale (POS) functionality are designed to be compatible with both mobile and tablet devices. In this case, you can use the LS Central POS system on various devices, ensuring greater mobility and convenience of use.

  • Does LS Central support biometric login to points of sale?

    LS Central supports biometric login to points of sale. This feature allows users to log into a point of sale (POS) system using biometric authentication methods such as fingerprint scanning or facial recognition.

  • How to see the LS Retail DEMO?

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