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What is an Business Central upgrade?

Upgrade, or migration to a newer (but not always the latest) version of the system is a very common project in the world of ERP systems. We distinguish technical upgrade, i.e. database conversion and application code upgrade, thanks to which we can use previously created modifications in the new version of the Dynamics system.

Why customers decide to upgrade?

There are a number of reasons why companies decide to carry out the Business Central upgrade process. The most popular of them are:

  • No technical support for the version of Dynamics you are using.
  • Lack of compatibility with newer Microsoft products (eg SQL, Windows, Office).
  • Slow application operation, optimization problems difficult or impossible to solve on an old platform.
  • Willingness to use the functionality made available in newer versions of the system.
  • Attractive, more intuitive interface offered in new releases of the system.
  • The possibility of using modern methods of connection with the application, eg through a browser or an application for mobile devices.

Migrating to a newer version of the system is never an easy decision. Feel free to contact us and talk about the benefits of the transitioning to the newest version of Business Central:

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