effective way to increase capabilities of your ERP system

What is the system integration?

Integrating the ERP system with external solutions can be an extremely effective way to increase its capabilities. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers the ability to connect via OData and SOAP web services, as well as using several dozen APIs.


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What kind of integrations are the most popular?

To increase the efficiency of their operations, customers most often decide to integrate the ERP system with the following solutions:

  • The CRM system – integration usually takes place at the level of customers, products and offers. The product that perfectly complements Business Central is Dynamics 365 for Sales.
  • Logistic operator system – as part of this integration, messages are exchanged between the ERP system and the warehouse, e.g. concerning inventory or documents necessary in warehouse processes.
  • Online store – ERP system can send information directly to the website about the availability of products and receive orders directly from the online store.
  • HR and payroll – it should be remembered that for many markets there is an add-on to Business Central offering HR and Payroll functionality, but customers sometimes decide to integrate with their existing solutions in this area.
  • Financial and accounting system – it happens that Business Central is used only as a solution for supply chain management or production. In this situation, there may be integration with other financial and accounting software. This is especially the case when we talk about implementation in many countries where the customer already has purchased financial and accounting solutions.


Implemented integrations with other solutions