Tasklet - Mobile WMS

A warehouse, process and warehouse management system that is fully integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central. Tasklet is a solution known and appreciated among Dynamics 365 Business Central users. Over 1,300 users in 36 countries use this solution on a daily basis.

Tasklet runs on mobile devices based on the Android Enterprise operating system. Examples of compatible devices include:

  • Honeywell
  • Zebra
  • Datalogic

Characteristics of the solution

  • WMS – manage all warehouse documents and tasks from mobile devices.
  • Sales/purchases – manage issues/receipts, track movements and stock levels.
  • Inventory – Allows multiple users to perform inventory tasks and detect errors.
  • Questionnaires – ability to add forms to various documents, e.g. ask for additional information about a document or item.
  • Application development – designed to be easily adapted to the customer’s needs.
  • Other – ad-hoc warehouse movements, printing, support for hardware scanners, offline work.

Functionalities and benefits

Simple and friendly interface Simple and friendly interface
Fast implementation process Fast implementation process
Support for all basic warehouse transactions Support for all basic warehouse transactions
Doskonale sprawdzający się w mniejszych magazynach Doskonale sprawdzający się w mniejszych magazynach
Activities can be filtered by a given employee Activities can be filtered by a given employee
Android/iOS support Android/iOS support
Possibility to Possibility to "customize" the solution
Compatible with the Essential User license Compatible with the Essential User license
  • Can Mobile WMS be adapted to unique warehouse processes?

    Ready-to-use Mobile WMS is configured to run on standard Dynamics 365 BC/NAV features. Often, however, the system standard must be adapted to specific and operational business scenarios. Therefore, Mobile WMS has been designed to meet this criterion. This approach means that Mobile WMS combines standard solutions that meet the needs of most warehouses with the flexibility to adapt it to unique operations.

  • How long does it take to implement the Mobile WMS solution?

    Standard implementation of Mobile WMS for Dynamics 365 BC/NAV is possible in just a few days.

    However, before this is possible, several basic requirements must be met:
    • implemented ERP system Microsoft Dynamics365 Business Central (Dynamics NAV);
    • the ERP system must have a warehouse module with configured locations and/or barcodes;
    • the warehouse must be prepared to handle incoming, internal and outgoing processes.
    Once you follow these steps, you can also enjoy the benefits of having a Mobile WMS by streamlining your warehouse operations for maximum efficiency.
    For a smooth implementation, it is recommended to start working with the Mobile WMS solution from the so-called “simple warehouse setup” which will enable the team to master the basics before scaling.

  • Can Mobile WMS work offline?

    With a Mobile WMS solution, you can be sure that even if there is a Wi-Fi dead zone in your warehouse, your data will never be lost. Mobile WMS adapts to this specific warehouse location, intelligently saving data during operation, even when the device is offline. After returning to the Wi-Fi zone, data is seamlessly transferred to the ERP system. Therefore, thanks to Mobile WMS, collecting and processing stored data is flexible and easy - both online and offline, without the risk of data loss.

  • How to see the DEMO?

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