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Insight Works is a provider of add-on applications for Business Central. Solutions from Insight Works support warehouse and distribution companies.

With Insight Works apps, users can effortlessly access real-time data, manage inventory levels, optimize fulfillment processes, and track shipments, among other things.

Applications available on AppSource

Key functionalities

  • Inquiry App – access to retail data (e.g. quantity broken down by warehouse locations) regarding inventory located in the warehouse from a mobile device.
  • Count – a comprehensive inventory management tool, enables advanced use of the counting or cyclical inventory counting method along with tools for entering, reconciling, accounting and analyzing data.
  • License Plating – ability to track and generate labels for entire pallets, boxes, crates or containers containing mixed inventory or mixed lot/serial numbers. This makes it possible to move such a carrier using the assigned barcode number.
  • Consumption, Output and Assembly App – management of production orders/assembly from mobile devices. It enables the accounting of consumption and receipts from production.
  • Receive, Put-Away – receiving or moving inventory along with indicating the proposed storage location.
  • Pick, Ship – collection for the release of supplies enabled from a mobile device with support for Tote picking.
  • Movement – proposals for generated movements (ad-hoc or planned) available from the device level as a list of tasks for the warehouse employee. Transfers between storage locations carried out directly using the device (Reclassification).


  • What warehouse applications are available with the Insight Works portfolio?

    We have two solutions to choose from, one of which is offered as a free add-on and the other as a more advanced tool.

    WMS Express - a free mobile WMS add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC that enables the integration of mobile devices in the warehouse environment. Designed specifically for Business Central, WMS Express works seamlessly with its implementation, regardless of warehouse configuration. Depending on its extension, I have three variants of a free solution to choose from.

    WMS Express Standard for organizations whose warehouse processes are based on basic source documents such as sales and purchase orders;

    WMS Express Basic Warehouse for organizations where additional documents of inventory collections and putaways are introduced directly from source documents such as sales and purchase orders;

    WMS Express Warehouse for organizations that use more advanced warehouse settings and processes. Documents dedicated to the warehouse are used here, such as warehouse issues and collections corresponding to warehouse receipts and putaways.

    All the above variants also support basic functions used in warehouse inventory.

    Warehouse Insight – like WMS Express, it is a mobile WMS add-on to Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC that enables the integration of mobile devices in the warehouse environment. It contains over 25 add-ons that help improve warehouse processes, including: License Plating add-on, which allows you to manage collective packaging (e.g. pallets) in the WMS environment using a single barcode.

  • How to choose a device that will work properly with WMS Insight applications?

    WMS Insight applications allow for a very wide range of devices with which they work, the lack of recommendation may only be recommended for devices such as a USB or Bluetooth scanner - a cumbersome combination that hinders efficient work in the warehouse. In other cases, several factors should be taken into account when selecting a device: durability, scanning range, ergonomics, camera, and price. The combination of all factors should provide a finite list of devices that should be selected.

  • How to see an application DEMO?

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