10 reasons why you should choose Microsoft Dynamics

1. Dynamics is a safe and proven solution.
Microsoft Dynamics has an impressive history. The origins of Dynamics NAV go back to 1986 when the Danish company Navision Software makes debut on the market of accounting and finance software. In 2002 Microsoft took over Navision and 3 years later changed its name to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. During such a long history, the Dynamics system has become the largest solution for small businesses.
• 160,000 customers
• 2.7 million users
• sales in almost 200 countries around the world

2. The system is able to adapt to the industry and the specifics of business.  It have a modular structure and can easily be extensible with further functions.

3. It complies with international and regional law.

4. It work in many languages ​​and currencies. It can be successfully used in international organizations.

5. It can be used in organizations of various types, regardless of the industry.

  • Production
  • Distribution
  • Retail
  • Services
  • Finance
  • Logistics

6. Intuitive. Everyone can personalize views and windows. Users can independently set the layout of the windows so that they fit the functionalities to their workplace and the scope of their duties. The time of reaching selected documents, information or functions can be shortened as much as possible. Interface is very similar to Microsoft Office products.

7. Enjoys the trust of many companies regardless of the industry. Look at Dynamics Development Center clients here.

8. Business Central is easily scalable. It adapts to the pace of growth of companies. It can be successfully used by both small and large enterprises.

9. Growth of productivity. Independent research shows that companies that use the Dynamics system notice growth of productivity thanks to the automation of everyday duties.

10. Wide range of functionality.

Finance management
  • Compliance with the provisions of Polish law and IAS / IFRS
  • Receivables and liabilities
  • Cost account
  • HR and payroll
  • Electronic banking
  • Fixed assets
  • Consolidation
  • Multicurrency
  • Budgeting
  • Cash flow (cash flow)
Supply chain management
  • MRP availability management
  • Handling purchases and deliveries + recognition of OCR documents
  • Warehouse management + many locations + bar codes
  • High bay warehouse
  • Sales and marketing + promises of orders (ATP / CTP)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Support for EDI electronic documents
  • Optimization of demand and inventory
  • Approving purchase and sales documents (work flow)
  • Inventory tracking (batch number, series, expiration date)
Service management
and Projects
  • Tracking costs + work in progress
  • Budgeting projects
  • Scheduling orders
  • Resource allocation + service technicians
  • Settlement of contracts
  • Registration of service requests
  • Analysis of the repair history
Production management
  • Planning MRP deliveries
  • Capacity planning (CRP)
  • Production planning and scheduling (MPS)
  • BOM and production routes management
  • Order picking (ATO) or warehouse (ATS)
  • Support for order or process production
  • Support for pharmaceutical, cosmetic or food production
Business Analysis
  • Controlling and multi-dimensional analyzes
  • Analysis of cost / profit centers (MPK)
  • Graphic analysis of logistic processes
  • Support for Business Intelligence and Power BI
Integration with external systems and softwares
  • Internet portals
  • WebServices
  •  Office 365