29 questions and answers about Business Central

During the recently organized webinar, participants asked 29 questions about Business Central. In this article, we provide answers to all questions.

1. Please, let me know what functions are covered by the module Service Management?
Service contracts service
Planning service services
Settlement of services
Managing service items

2. How long will support for NAV be maintained by MSFT?
Support for particular versions will not change and it will be 5 years of basic support and another 5 years of extended support. In details, it looks like this: Standard Support Extended Support Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 2023-01 2028-01 Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 2022-01-11 2027-01-11 Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 2021-01 2026-01 Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 2020- 01-20 2025-01-14 Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 2018-01-09 2023-01-10 Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 2015-01-13 2020-01-14

3. The customization / adaptation the system to the specifics of business will be possible in the BC environment? Only using the Application or otherwise ??
Yes, such adjustments will be possible.
In the case of Business Central on-premise, the two main options are:
• C / Side – at least until 2020
• Extensions For Business Central online (SaaS)
• Extensions purchased in the AppStore as applications
• Extensions prepared for a specific client (Per Tenant Customizations)

From 1/10/2019, customers with Dynamics NAV Subscription will pay monthly fees based on the Business Central pricing (although they can still use Dynamics NAV).

4. What will the ‘leveling of price lists’ mean?
From 1/10/2019, customers with Dynamics NAV Subscription will pay monthly fees based on the Business Central pricing (although they can still use Dynamics NAV).

5. 40% discount when switching from perpetual to SaaS – how long is the discount? forever?
Until 31.06.2021

6. Who is preparing the PL location?
IT.integro Sp. z o.o.

7. Who locates BC for PL?
IT.integro Sp. z o.o.

8. Something more about these business central APIs?
I provide a link where you can check the full list of 44 APIs prepared for Dynamics Business Central (located on the left side of the drop-down menu): https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics-nav/fin-graph/index

9. Will be new versions of BC? Like NAV every year. And what if the extension is written, will they be transferred from the machine to new versions or will it have to be done manually?
New Business Central editions will be made available twice a year (in spring and autumn). There will no longer be a change in the product name due to the current year. Information about the planned functionalities available in the next version of the system are presented here: https://dynamics.microsoft.com/en-us/release/spring-2018release/#release-notes

10. We are about to implement NAV in the company in August – golive is planned in August. Does it make sense now, since BC comes in and it will look completely different? How difficult will migration be?
It is worth implementing Dynamics NAV now if:
Using a concurrent license is a big advantage for you (please remember that in the case of migration to Business Central, the transfer takes place 1 -> 1, if the Dynamics NAV licenses were purchased after 1/10/2018, this means that after migration to Business Central probably you will need to buy licenses, but it will be deferred)
You need Polish functionality (functionality for the Business Central online version is less advanced than for Dynamics NAV, functionality for Business Central on-premise does not exist yet – as of 20/03/2019)

It is worth implementing Business Central now if:
– You want to work on the latest available technology
– You want to use the SaaS solution that is not available in Dynamics NAV
– You want to avoid upgrading NAV -> Business Central in the future

11. Does the search engine also search eg orders or customers?
The main search engine presented on the webinar allows you to search for lists (eg Purchase Orders or Sales Orders). After displaying the list, we can use the search tool from a given view or we can filter out the records that interest us.

12. Is the presented Polish version created by Microsoft or by a partner?
IT.integro – partner

13. Is the end of support for NAV2016 and NAV2018 definite? We currently use the NAV2016 version. The point is if there is any specific date when we have to stop using this version
The period of support for a given version does not mean that you have to stop using it. It means only that Microsoft stops releasing the version and does not maintain its compatibility with other technologies (such as SQL).

14. I would like to expand Intercompany topic in the Essentials version.​
I invite you to read the detailed information on:
Intercompany settings
Work with Intercompany documents and journals
Intercompany Inbox / Outbox management https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/business-central/intercompanymanage

15. Use in a production company / branches in several countries + cooperation – are such scenarios rehearsed? 😉
If Danone sounds familiar, then it’s good because it’s our client 🙂
I invite you to contact me individually for more information: rafal.barnowski@dynamicsdc.com

16. Regarding the end of support for the 2016 version, will it be possible to buy users for this version later? What will it be like to pay for using the system at all?
In the case of Perpetual licenses (purchase for ownership), additional licenses can be purchased if the client pays for a BREP plan. Assuming you do not buy a Dynamics NAV license, the BREP fee will not change either after 1/04/2019 or after migration to Business Central (the total value of the license will remain the same despite the 1 -> 2 license transfer, and BREP is calculated as 16% from total value of the license).

17. Will it be possible to migrate the modifications cut in NAV 2017 to BC as easily as possible?
There are already automatic tools that support this process, which are constantly being refined. Over time, this process should be easier, but certainly not trivial.

18. Are the customizations in the onpremise vs SaaS option the same?
No, the main difference is the availability of C / Side in on-premise (for some time). For more information, for example, in answer to question 3.

19. Will there be a problem with data migration from NAV 2016 to BC?
The level of complexity of data migration from NAV 2016 to Business Central on-premise will be similar to NAV 2017 or NAV 2018. Migration to Business Central on-premise can be more complicated.

20. What key modules in BC are not yet in the current Polish location? When will they be?
For example, banks and cash register services (including fiscal receipts). The dates of publication of the next versions of the current application and other applications related to the Polish location are not known to us.

21. We now have 2016, if now (by the end of March) we will order “upgrade” to 2018 version, whether it will be possible to do this upgrade a bit later – it’s about maintaining the right to upgrade for the future because after April 1, we will can’t buy 2018?
There are two categories related to licenses in Microsoft portals:
Required license (last generated – in your case NAV 2016)
Authorized license (the latest available version of the system – in your case NAV 2018, if you pay BREP) If you pay for BREP, at any time you can generate a license file for the latest authorized version. It remains to be seen whether such an operation will affect the limited possibilities of extending the NAV 2016 license (eg the possibility to buy users for only 6 months).

22. Tools for NAV to BC migration include the NAV standard. What is the situation with systems written on the basis of NAV?
As for ISV solutions, they are written on analogous objects, such as the Dynamics NAV system standard. This means that tools for migrating modifications can also be useful in the case of ISV.

23. When do you expect that the BC localization will be fully functional?
We do not know the dates of publication of subsequent versions of this application.

24. Are the interfaces that we currently have in NAV2016 done work in BC?
The answer to this question requires further analysis of how the interfaces are built and which version of Business Central we are going to migrate. We invite you to contact us directly.

25. Will CSide be extinguished? Whether the modifications currently written in C / AL must be rewritten to AL in a perspective of several years? In the OnPremise model.
Yes, C / Side will be extinguished according to the declaration in 2020 for the on-premise model.
This means that in the case of migration to the Business Central version, which does not support C / Side, it will be necessary to rewrite the previous modifications to the AL (Extensions) language.

26. What about the interfaces (services) of NAV when migrating to BC in the cloud?
The answer to this question requires further analysis of how the interfaces are built and which version of Business Central we are going to migrate. We invite you to contact us directly.

27. Will the ADCS functionality (barcodes) be available in the SaaS BC version?
Yes, the ADCS (or Automated Data Capture System) is part of the ‘Warehouse Management and Inventory’ module available to Essentials users (basic level).

28. I understand that WMS will contain the functionality of bar codes?
Yes, explanation above.

29. Considering that CSide is to be extinguished over time, whether the modifications in the AL will allow everything to be the same as for CSide or whether the possibilities of change will be limited.
It is difficult to unambiguously confirm that the possibilities will be smaller or larger. Certainly the way to reach the same solutions will differ between C / Side and AL (Extensions).