5 advantages of Continia Document Capture

Continia Document Capture is a solution that automates the process of daily invoice processing. It is an addition to Business Central, which improves the work of the financial department, which is used by up to 15,000 users every day .

1) Automation of document processing

With Document Capture, you can automate every step of your invoice processing – from receiving and registering documents to seraching for them for auditing. Automated invoice processing avoids errors and allows you to process more documents in less time. As a result, some enterprises are able to reduce the costs related to the financial department.

After recognition and registration, the invoice is sent to the appropriate person for approval. Acceptance takes place through a special dedicated portal available via a web browser or via Business Central. As a result, the approval of documents is possible from any place and at any time.

2) Possibility to process documents in various formats

Continia is a solution that automatically processes PDF and XML documents. In addition, thanks to the OCR technology, Continia Document Capture also supports documents in traditional paper form.

3) Digital archive of documents

The digital archive in Continia Document Capture contains a collection of documents that can be accessed through Business Central. The archive is fully indexed, which means that documents can be searched using a convenient search engine. As a result, the company does not need traditional and inconvenient binders to store documentation. In addition, the document search process is incomparably faster and more convenient.

4) Simple and convenient implementation

Continia Document Capture is based on the Business Central platform, which means that, first of all, it is a solution that is fully compatible with the ERP system from Microsoft. Secondly, people working in the financial department eagerly use this solution because the user interface is the same as the one known from Business Central.

5) OCR – the ability to scan paper documents

Continia Document Capture uses the proven ABBYY Fine Reader OCR engine, which recognizes over 180 languages and dialects. Converting one A4 page takes only a dozen or several dozen seconds. The text recognition efficiency is estimated at 99.9% (for printed documents). Scanned documents are automatically indexed and registered in Dynamics NAV / Business Central.