5 arguments for implementing a barcode scanning solution

Undoubtedly, implementing barcode scanning in a warehouse or in a production company is a way to facilitate many processes. First of all, barcodes help in filling orders, optimizing inventory levels and controlling costs. Below are 5 arguments for implementing a barcode scanning solution.

1) Convenience
Barcodes help keep inventory under control. Often, warehouse management is based on a spreadsheet where the SKU is entered manually. However, things are much easier when certain inventory items are equipped with a barcode label. In that case, a scan is enough to receive information about a specific product. In addition, information on stock levels is available in real time.

2) Security
During the management of warehouse resources, there are shortages of stock caused by human mistakes of employees or shortages of stock can be also caused by theft. Bar codes significantly help to prevent such situations. Each product is quickly and easily identified, which significantly eliminates the risk of possible losses in warehouse resources.

3) Productivity
Correctly implemented barcode solution increases work productivity. Employees tend to spend too much time checking inventory into the system and searching for products in stock. The barcode system allows you to significantly speed up warehouse operations.

4) Savings
Better management of warehouse inventory allows you to plan the level of inventory, thus you can plan costs more efficiently and reduce operating costs.

5) Integration with the ERP system
The barcode management system can be fully integrated with the ERP system, eg Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Using the Business Central interface, we can check the level of inventory and any goods identified with a barcode. Data is available in real time and can be fully integrated with production module and financial processes.

More about the integration of barcodes with Dynamics 365 Business Central (Mobile NAV solution) is available here.