Business Central extension with additional functionalities

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a system that the organization can adapt to its needs in almost any way. EIP Dynamics specializes in programming tasks that extend the capabilities of Business Central. According to experts, it is the wide possibilities of adapting the Business Central system to the specific needs of the organization that is a significant advantage over other ERP systems.

There are several hundred ready-made and tested applications available on the AppSource platform, extending the system’s capabilities. The applications are prepared by Microsoft and other partner companies that specialize in implementations. Such a model makes the system rapidly and constantly developing.

Another way to expand Business Central’s capabilities is to use Extensions. It is a way to extend the system’s capabilities without interfering with the source code, which facilitates and accelerates the procedure of extending Business Central with new functionalities.

Business Central uses the API, so you can integrate its capabilities with third-party solutions and services.

Integration with other solutions from Microsoft

What makes Business Central even more different is the possibility of integration with other solutions from Microsoft. A few examples are listed below.

Power BI – it is a flagship solution in the field of Business Intelligence from Microsoft. Thanks to the integration with Business Central, the user gets access to advanced analytical solutions.

Power Apps – this is a solution that helps you create custom business applications. Designing custom solutions with PowerApps is simple, fast and intuitive.

Microsoft Flow – a platform that enables the automation of work processes between various applications and services.

Office – Business Central is fully compatible with applications from the Office suite. Well-known and commonly used office programs such as Microsoft Excel or Outlook are fully compatible with Business Central. Thus, you can e.g. export or import records between BC and Excel, or you can manage contacts that were previously entered in BC directly in Outlook.

Microsoft Teams – Teams is very popular all over the world. Thousands of organizations use it every day for internal communication and for conversations with contractors. Being able to view some BC data directly in Teamsach is a big help.