Business Central manual

Dynamics 365 Business Central documentation is available on the Microsoft Docs platform.

URL to the Dynamics 365 Business Central documentation: https://docs.microsoft.com/pl-pl/dynamics365/business-central/

Documentation is a detailed knowledge base that addresses various issues related to the Business Central system. It starts with the basics explaining what the Dynamics 365 system is. In this section, a novice user learns about the roles in the system and the basic configuration options. The next section – What’s New, redirects the user to specifications describing the latest updates (e.g. April 19). The next section presents the minimum system requirements. Of course, there was also the FAQ section, which answered frequently asked questions. Next, the reader learns various issues, including the possibilities of obtaining technical support and the topic of extending the functionality of the system.

The following sections inform the reader about the functionalities and various configuration elements. Each module has its own separate section divided into several or several dozen subchapters. Here we find, among others, issues in the fields of: Administration, Finance, Business Intelligence, Sales, Purchases, Inventory Management, Project Management, HR, Production Management, Warehouse Management.

In addition, there were chapters devoted to local functionalities and local versions of the system. Of course, UK and US versions are described, and many others.