Continia Document Capture

Continia Document Capture is a solution that uses OCR technology. It is fully integrated with Dynamics NAV and Business Central. The main functionality allows the user to scan paper invoices in order to quickly enter invoice data into the system. Each invoice line is automatically linked to an existing purchase order. Practice shows that OCR solutions such as Continia Document Capture greatly improve administrative processes. Apart from the fact that the document is transferred to the system, it is also converted into an editable form (eg Word, Excel, text file). It is worth emphasizing that Continia Document Capture is OCR software that works very efficiently. Converting one A4 page takes about 15-60 seconds. The effectiveness of the software is estimated at 99.9%.

Examples of documents that are most often scanned are invoices (purchase and sales), sales orders, HR documents and documents related to the chart of accounts.

The functionalities that can be found in Continia Document Capture include:

  • Download and register documents from e-mail.
  • Acceptance of documents via the Dynamics NAV/Business Cnetral system or via a dedicated website.
  • Various approval paths can be defined. Automatic approval based on rules is also possible.
  • The software recognizes over 180 languages and dialects thanks to ABBY’s OCR technology.
  • You can search for a document based on the content of the scanned text.

Below are the questions that were asked during the webinar during the Q&A session:

1. Is it possible to search full text in the scanned documents from NAV? When you OCR a document, there is every information, every character from the invoice
stored in your database. If you want to search for any particular character or sentence it is
possible to do.

2. Is there any “assignment” of purchase orders to purchase invoices? Maybe online level?
Assignment could base among others on the item number, quantity or unit cost.
When you create purchase invoice you can get purchase order lines. Continia matches the
lines and uses this function.

If you don’t want to link purchase invoice, because you are pretty sure your purchase order is
exactly like your purchase invoice, you don’t even have to capture the lines. You can capture
only the header “total” and take lines from purchase order.

3. Mismatch between purchase order and purchase invoice. How does it work on the item
line when the purchase order is different from the lines on invoice?
When there is something that doesn’t match, users can handle it manually. If there is
something wrong, system informs users where a mismatch is, and then someone can check it
and try to match it manually.

4. It’s happened the date format is different (on invoice from vendor for example)? Is it a
problem for the software?
Continia can read different date formats and convert it. Of course, there can be a little
problem with recognize dates like this: 02.01.2021 (2nd of January or 01st of February). But it
can be always corrected by the user. Continia will ask the user – “is this a proper format?”. If
you don’t agree you can check date format, choose correct and save it for future documents.
In our opinion Continia can handle date format pretty well.

6. Sometimes the invoice comes up via email before a shipment arrives. Is this an issue? What
happens then?
Continia can match purchase order or purchase received. It’s very flexible and you can
choose this scenario which is suitable for your needs.

7. Is there purchase order automatically unchecked after posting an invoice?
It’s not default option. Anyway, we can set up “jobs” to delete this purchase order and run
this function automatically.

8. Can we post invoices into the future or can we post invoices into the past?
For sure we can post into the past (of course if our accounting period is ok with this) and we
can do the same with the future. If you need just post something for yesterday or tomorrow
it’s pretty ok.
Continia has something like cost allocation. We can allocate some things/documents for the
future and then just post it.

9. How does it work when we received an invoice which is not matching purchase order (like
monthly telephone bill)?
It’s up to you if you want match something or not. If you don’t want match anything because
you simply don’t have purchase order you don’t have to do this.