Cross-docking in Dynamics NAV

In the newest entry on our blog you will find insight how our team implemented cross-docking functionality to support warehousing processes of a big manufacturing customer.

Cross-docking is a method supporting the logistics process of a simplified transshipment of goods that are ready to be shipped just after being unloaded. The method is usually applied by distributors that work in close cooperation with suppliers and final customers.

Cross-docking consists in the goods being stored in the warehouse within a short period of time, often when thethe shipment occurs the very next day, which makes it possible to reduce the storage costs.

In some industries, the method is often used to shorten the time of delivery. Instead of being stored, the products are placed directly in the position from which they are ready to be dispatched. In this way, the process of order picking according to purchase order details is being omitted. The efficiency and speed of delivery result in reducing the time of transshipment, which means increasing the warehouse capacity.

Nevertheless, in order for the method’s potential to be fully realized, professional tools facilitating the precise sync of all the processes of receiving and releasing goods need to be provided. One of the tools may be a module in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, that is Cross-docking & Loading Bay designed by DDC team.

The introduction of the method makes it possible to fully benefit from cross-docking both in the aspect of receiving goods from various suppliers in one place, as well as receiving multiple shipments and delivering them to a single customer.

In order to control and monitor the method, we used logistics scanners that allow one to reduce the time of storage processes, and to obtain every single piece of information concerning the product through scanning its barcode.

One can register the moment of unloading of the goods, as well as indicate the place and time of dispatching the products from clients’ orders with the use of just one scan. The enhancement of storage processes improves the competitiveness of companies supplying the market.