Developer changes for NAV 2016

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 introduces breakthrough changes to the development and deployment experiences. You can read about them on our blog.

New C/AL Editor
The C/AL editor has been redesigned to make it more convenient by extending functions.
IntelliSense was implemented which adds: name completion, improve highlighting and colorization.

Multiple Namespaces on XMLport
There was added support to define multiple namespaces used during import or export XML files. To use this functionality there is no longer needed external libraries. All what need to be set is only properties on object. It is much simpler and faster now.
For properties of XMLport there need to be created new namespaces:

For elements in Prefix column can be assign created namespaces:

Export XML will generate file with namespaces:

Events in C/Al
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 adds support for events using TryFunction option. This option allows to inform user about the process of code execution by displaying customized messages. Such messages are much more readable and understandable than standard returned by the system.
For function properties TryFunction needs to be enabled:

Sample code how to use this function:

Message that will be displayed at start of the function:

Improved creating of user permissions
Creating of the permission has been enhanced by Code Coverage. It allows to create permissions on the fly through steps which are recorded. Based on this analysis the appriopriate permissions will be created.
To record steps there need to be created new or existing Permission Set. There is new function Run to enable. When option will be enabled steps performed in program will be recorded.

After stop of performing operations and recording there will be generated list of objects that were used. For objects there were assigned proper privileges that are needed during operation.