Development Outsourcing

What is development outsourcing? How your company can benefit? You can learn it by reading our most recent blog post…

– Do you work for a successful Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner?
– Is finding a right candidate to work a big challenge for you?
– Does your engagement in your projects fluctuates seasonally?
– Do you have a hiring cap imposed by your mother company?

If you answered „YES” to at least one of those question, our offer is definitely for you!

Dynamics Development Center specializes in short- and long term Dynamics NAV development outsourcing. We co-operate with companies in 10+ European countries wherever English is widely spoken. We would like to encourage you to read more about this offer below or to contact us directly to talk it over on the phone. Our Polish phone number is: +48 531 536 136.

What is development outsourcing?
We will put at your disposal a developer with desired set of skills and experience, who will be engaged in your projects. This person will be managed by you (you will be his direct supervisor, assigning him tasks and goals and monitoring his delivery), but you won’t have to worry about admin and payroll obligations. At the end of the month we will send you an invoice based on how many hours this developer was utilized by you.
At the start of our co-operation you will be asked several questions:

  • What is your project about?
  • What project tasks you would like to delegate?
  • What seniority level and skills do you expect?
  • How long will the project last?
  • How many FTE do you need?
  • Is our developer going to be managed by you or by your customer?

We have available numerous developers at different seniority levels that are available right away. The legal aspect of this co-operation is cut to the minimum – you will be required only to sign a simple work order – something that you Legal Department will look through in 5 minutes J

There is more! You can always order a trial of this service – it means that our developer will join your team for 2 days and you will have to pay only if you decide that you want him for longer. This is how much trust we put in their skills!