Directions EMEA 2023 summary

At the beginning of November, the 16th edition of Directions EMEA took place in Lyon. The EIP Dynamics team was represented by 20 people. During this year’s edition, we acted as a bronze sponsor.

Directions EMEA 2023 in numbers

  • 248 sessions
  • 247 speakers
  • 97 sponsors
  • 2964 participants
  • Participants from 70 countries
  • 803 people involved in the organization

Dynamics 365 Business Central Online in numbers

  • Over 30,000 customers worldwide.
  • Active users increase by 75% (year-on-year).
  • 155 countries where BC online is currently available.
  • In the last quarter, the availability of the BC Online service was 99.98%, which proves high reliability.
  • Globally, Business Central processes on average over 52,000 sales invoices per day.


This year’s first Keynote focused on opportunities related to artificial intelligence and Copilot. The speaker, Mike Morton, presented the direction of development of business applications aimed at the effective use of artificial intelligence. Research results were presented, according to which 75% of business owners believe that integration with AI can provide organizations with a competitive advantage.

Copilot’s capabilities were presented, showing how it can generate marketing texts in 7 different languages. In addition, it was shown how Copilot helps with bank reconciliations and working with bank statements and the General Ledger. Possibilities in the field of warehouse management automation were also presented.

It was emphasized that Copilot is constantly being intensively developed (it receives regular weekly updates).

AIM Deployment Offer

An AIM Deployment Offer was announced to encourage moving to the cloud as an alternative to Bridge to the Cloud. Emphasizing that when deciding to move to the cloud, what is crucial is not the cost of the license but the cost of migration. It was announced that this offer will be available from January 2024.

Business Central mobile app version 4.0

The Business Central mobile application (version 4.0) was presented, which features an improved data search function (TellMe).

  • Improved data search functionality allows you to quickly locate specific records, saving you valuable time.
  • With the integrated barcode scanner, you can conveniently scan barcodes to enter data, track inventory and complete various tasks faster.
  • Spreadsheet management from the mobile application has been improved.

The new version of the application provides seamless compatibility with the latest operating systems, including iOS 14+ for iPhone/iPad and Android 11+.

New certificates for Business Central Developers

The Reskill program introduces a new certificate for developers: MB-820.

The Beta exam for the new certificate starts in January 2024. This exam is at the “intermediate” level, which is equivalent to the MB-800 consultant exam.

Days of Knowledge Americas 2024

The Days of Knowledge Americas 2024 conference has been announced and will take place from September 12 to 14, 2024 in Atalanta. You can read more about the conference here: https://www.directionsforpartners.com/conferences-and-events/days-of-knowledge/americas-2024 

More technical information obtained at Directions EMEA 2023 will soon appear on our blog.