Why is it worth integrating a barcode scanner with an ERP system?

In this article, we briefly describe in what situations it is worth integrating the barcode scanner with the ERP system. In addition, we present the possibilities of integrating the barcode scanner with Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Warehouse management is often associated with repetitive and time-consuming activities. A big step on the way to optimizing warehouse processes is the implementation of a properly implemented ERP system (eg Dynamics 365 Business Central). A complement to the standard warehouse module implemented as part of the Business Central system is the Mobile NAV solution, which allows the system to be integrated with barcode readers. When is it worth considering integrating a barcode system with an ERP system?

When there are problems with the recording and management of inventory, goods and other assets.
When the processes related to searching for goods in stock are too time-consuming.
When the so-called “human errors” related to storing inventory.
When the costs of hiring warehouse staff are high.

Barcode scanning is the most common method of “tracking” goods in a modern warehouse.

Effective implementation of bar code management from the Dynamics 365 Business Central level helps in obtaining an efficient warehouse, which in turn influence into the improvement of many others processes also in other areas of the company.

How does the integration of barcodes with the barcode system work?
Barcode scanning provides real-time preview. Thus, from the Business Central level, we can check the level of goods, inventory and other scanned assets. From Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can optimize the use and placement of tracked inventory. In the next step, this data can be used for production planning, forecasting future processes in the warehouse and many other tasks in the field of warehouse process management.

More about the integration of barcodes with Dynamics 365 Business Central (Mobile NAV solution) is available here.