Dynamics 356 Business Central User Licensing

Dynamics 365 Business Central licenses are sold for each user. Therefore, the number of users working in the system determines the number of licenses to be purchased. Depending on the selected license, the user has access to more or less functionalities.

There are three main licensing levels:

  • FULL User Essential
  • FULL User Premium
  • Team Member

Full Users Essentials

The Full User Essentials license covers the following modules: financial management, customer relationship management, supply chain management, project management and human resources. Essentials licensed access is usually used by people working in finance, logistics, sales departments and managers. In practice, the Essentials license is sufficient for commercial and service companies.

Full Users Premium

Premium User has access to the same modules that Full Users Essentials can use, plus additionally has access to functionalities in the field of service and production management. Therefore, the Premium license is used primarily in production companies.

Team Members

Team Members are a cheaper alternative for FULL Essentials and Premium users. This is a good solution for those employees who need limited access to the system on a daily basis. Team Members can read data, generate reports, enter working time, enter expenses, use PowerApps and update existing data. Additionally, users with a Team Members license have the option to approve or reject tasks in workflows.

What should I know about user licensing?

It is worth noting that the Full license cannot be mixed. This means that you can use e.g. 10 Full Essentials licenses + 5 Team Members licenses. However, a scenario in which one tenant uses the Full Essentials and Full Premium licenses is not possible.

Next worth noting thing is that licensing follows the Named User Concept, which means that every so-called named user is licensed. In other words, it is not possible to divide the license within one workstation.

An interesting solution is the possibility of purchasing a license for an external accountant. It is a Full Essentials or Full Premium license, however, it does not have access to settings and administrative tasks.

In addition to the three main types of licenses (FULL Essentials, FULL Premium and Team Members), you can also use the Device license. It is a license that is dedicated to devices. It is used in the case of POS devices and various types of production devices.