Dynamics DC becomes a partner of ForNAV.

We are pleased to announce that since July 2019 we have been a partner of ForNAV.

ForNAV is the author of the ForNAV Converter tool, which automates the process of migrating reports from older versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV (so-called classic versions, e.g. NAV 5.0 and NAV 2009) to newer ones requiring the RDLC format (from NAV 2013).

Functionalities of the ForNAV solution:

  • Export of current reports (even from classic NAV 5.0 / NAV 2009 versions).
  • Converting reports to a format that can be imported into Microsoft Dynamics NAV 201X.
  • Import converted file into the new version of Dynamics NAV.
  • A ForNAV Designer tool that allows you to create various types of reports / documents (e.g. sales order or invoice). According to the information on the authors’ website of the solution, to start working with ForNAV Designer, all you need to do is be familiar with the C / SIDE reporting tool.

Licensing Model
The product is available for all types of Business Central implementations (SaaS, on-premise, hosted). Depending on your preferences, you can choose a one-time or subscription payment. The number of ForNAV users should match the number of users in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Subscription MODEL

EUR Monthly Yearly
Price, per user (essentials/premium) €7 €70
Price, per user (team members) €1,4 €14
Reports converted from “classic” – one-time fee €2700

MODEL on-premises or on private hosting

EUR One time payment Annual subscription
Reports converted from „classic” Yes NO Yes NO
Price, unlimited no. of users €4 500 €1 800 €1 800 €720
Price, per user (essentials/premium) €225 €90 €90 €36
Price, per user (team members) free Free
Price ForNAV Group License €18 000 n/a €n/a n/a

Each of the plans contains an unlimited number of reports and access to Standard Reports and ForNAV Designer.