EIP Dynamics B2B Platform

We present our solution for trading and distribution companies that integrates sales processes with the Dynamics 365 Business Central system.


What is the EIP Dynamics B2B platform?


EIP Dynamics B2B Platform is a solution that connects via API to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system. It is a solution dedicated to distribution and trading companies selling in the B2B model.

The use of an intuitive interface greatly facilitates the management of processes related to purchases and sales. Companies that use platforms of this type are able to better tailor their products and services to the needs of individual customers. At the same time, thanks to the B2B platform, it is possible to achieve an efficient data flow between the trading platform and the Dynamics 365 Business Central system.


What functionalities does the EIP Dynamics B2B platform have?


The advantage of using such a solution is a significant improvement in communication between the supplier and the customer. The platform offers access to a list of individually negotiated prices, presents information on commitments and sales documents, and presents information on product availability in real time.

From the perspective of the user, who acts as a customer, an important functionality is the shopping basket, which resembles the shopping cart familiar from online shops. To make an order, all you need to do is add items to the shopping basket. Then, it is sufficient to enter the recipient’s address and complete the order. Thus, the process is similar to purchasing goods in a regular online shop. The important difference is that orders are automatically recorded in Dynamics 365 Business Central, which greatly facilitates document management and streamlines financial and accounting processes.

Dashboard – The B2B platform displays data about individual customers (including balances, credit limit, liabilities and latest sales documents)

Products – The list of products can be personalized for a specific customer. It may contain individually negotiated prices and information about the availability of products in real time. The customer can choose which products he wants to add to the “List of favorite products” to speed up the process of searching for products and placing orders in the future.

Sales documents – The “Sales documents” tab allows you to display and download all sales documents. Users can view information such as document number, document date, quantity, amount and type of document, e.g. credit note, invoice, etc.

Cart – The cart provides a clear and easy-to-manage view when placing an order. Just like in a typical online store, the basket presents a summary of the order. After placing an order, sales data is automatically sent to the Dynamics 365 Business Central system.