FAQ: Dynamics 365 Business Central

Q: Who can use Business Central?

A: Business Central is a solution for small and medium enterprises. The Dynamics 365 solution adapts to the size of the organization and the pace of growth. Business Central can be expanded at any time depending on business needs. It will be a good solution as the first ERP system replacing the usual accounting software.

Q: Can I install Business Central on my servers?

A: Business Central is available in the traditional model (on-premises) from October 1, 2018.

Q: Where can I see a DEMO version?

We invite you to read the most frequently asked question about the Dynamics 365 Business Central

A: To register for the demo presentation, please fill out the short form: http://www.dynamicsdc.com/pl/zamow-demo-systemu

Q: What are the options for buying Business Central?

A: Dynamics 365 Business Central is available in the traditional (on-premises) and cloud (SaaS) models.

Business Central licensing
Currently, Business Central is sold in the SaaS model. The license fee is charged for each user every month. Dynamics 365 Business Central licenses are available in three versions:

  • Business Central Essential
  • Business Central Premium
  • Business Central Team Members

Team member is so-called a light license known from Dynamics NAV, which offers basic functionalities but does not give full access to the system.

It is worth noting that to run Dynamics 365 Business Central you must have at least one FULL User license.

Team member has access to the following functionalities:

  • Read anything within Dynamicss 365 Business Central
  • Update existing data and entries in Dynamicss 365 Business Central – existing data are records like customer, vendor or item records which are already created. Entries means entries on which it is specifically allowed from an accounting perspective to update specific information. (e.g. due date on customer ledger entries)
  • Approve or reject tasks in all workflows assigned to a user
  • Create, edit, delete a quote
  • Create, edit, delete personal information
  • Enter a time sheet for Jobs
  • Use PowerApps for Dynamicss 365

Premium and Essential licenses give full access to the system but differ in functionality offered. The prices for one user are $ 100 (Premium) and $ 70 (Essential).

Essentials includes functionalities in the area of:

  • Financial management,
  • Sales
  • Purchasing,
  • Warehouse management,
  • CRM
  • Human resources,
  • Project management.

Premium also includes functionalities in the area of:

  • Service Order Management
  • Manufacturing.

More information about the license: http://dynamics-businesscentral.com/licenses/