FSC certification is supported by a dedicated solution for Dynamics NAV

What is an FSC certificate?

The FSC trademark has become a symbol of trust all over the world. What exactly does it mean? The abbreviation FSC refers to the certificate granted by the Forest Stewardship Council. The certificate is awarded when a specific forest area is managed in accordance with the principles of sustainable forest management. Good management refers to different stages of forest life, including: sowing seeds in forest nurseries and appropriate tree felling policy.

What are the business benefits of using FSC-certified materials?
• More and more countries (e.g. the USA) and regions (e.g. EU) regulate the rules on trading illegally harvested timber. Acquiring the FSC certificate significantly reduces the risk of trading illegally harvested materials.
• Appropriate certification allows cooperation with more organizations (many organizations want to promote products with the FSC certificate). Studies have shown that the FSC certificate has a positive impact on access to the international market.
• The use of FSC helps to improve the company’s image in the eyes of aware customers.
FSC certification is supported by the dedicated solution for Dynamics NAV
Companies that use Microsoft Dynamics NAV can easily support workcomply with FSC certification by implementing an add-on to their system. For one of our customers in furniture industry we have developed a solution based on Dynamics NAV 2017, which provides them with traceability, which is crucial to prove to their customers that the timber that they use in their production processes is FSC certified.
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