Handling fiscal receipts in Dynamics 365 Business Central

We present our solution that allows you to handle the functionality of fiscal receipts in a Polish location. It works with the Polish localization module (in terms of proper records in the VAT register and generating the Standard Audit File).

What are the legal assumptions?

  • Pursuant to Art. 111 section 1 of the VAT Act. Sales to natural persons who do not run a business are most often recorded on a fiscal printer.
  • “Taxpayers making sales to natural persons not conducting business activity and flat-rate farmers are obliged to keep records of sales using cash registers.”
  • Additionally, all taxpayers registered as active VAT payers for the periods from October 1, 2020. they must submit JPK_VAT with the declaration.

What are the technical requirements?

  • Communication with the fiscal printer is fully based on the Posnet protocol.
  • The communication module in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to connect to many fiscal printers.
  • To facilitate use, we have prepared a panel for interpreting messages from the fiscal printer and an error register.

What settings are available in the fiscal sales module?? 

  • Receipt numbering series – a separate numbering series of posted fiscal receipts marked as fiscal sales.
  • RO numbering series – numbering series for a periodic report generated cyclically.
  • Simplified invoice – a field that allows you to enter the value up to which the system interprets fiscal sales as a simplified invoice. The default value is 450.00. The system considers booked fiscal sales documents with the given NIP number as a “simplified invoice”.
  • Always print fiscal receipt – this option will always force printing of the fiscal receipt on the fiscal device when posting a sales document marked as “fiscal sales”.
  • Check the VAT payer when posting – allows you to verify the VAT payer’s status by the NIP number at the time of posting the document and to stop the accounting process if the taxpayer is not active.
  • The “Default fiscal sales” view allows you to set automatic marking of sales documents as fiscal sales according to: competence center and buyer’s accounting group.
  • It is possible to mark the default fiscal sales option on the buyer’s file.

Who is the fiscal sales module dedicated to?

The fiscal module is dedicated mainly to entrepreneurs and people running businesses who are obliged to settle taxes and meet legal requirements related to their activities.