Helpdesk offer in Dynamics Development Center: 4me system

Helpdesk offer in Dynamics Development Center

  • SLA: We offer a transparent service agreement. Errors are categorized on a three-point scale:
    • priority 1 – response time 1h / solution delivery time 8h
    • priority 2 – response time 2h / solution delivery time 16h
    • priority 3 – response time 4h / solution delivery time: Best effort
  • Our team works from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm excluding holidays.
  • For critical errors, we offer 24h / 7 service.
  • 3 communication channels: 4me Customer Portal, a dedicated telephone number and a special e-mail address.
  • Detailed reports about handling tickets.
    We inform about the following aspects: number of registered tickets, percentage of tickets handled on time, average response time, average problem solving time and many more ..

The basis for service support offered by Dynamics Development Center is a competent Helpdesk team that operates in several locations in Poland. What makes our consultants unique is the high customer orientation and extensive experience in solving complicated tickets. We are constantly improving service and confirming these words are numerous investments in this area of our activity. From 2018, a team of consultants is led by a manager with over 10 years of experience. The offer is complemented by an innovative system, called “4me”.

4me notification system
The 4me system allows for internal and external communication regarding service requests. A characteristic element of the system is the ability to track reactions to emerging tasks in real time.
Instant access to information significantly increases the level of service. Thanks to the proper notification service organization, we are able to work more efficiently, as a result of which we respond to all applications as quickly as possible (in accordance with the provisions of the SLA agreement). It is estimated that the use of the 4me system allows to limit the time devoted to the administration even by 50%.

Features of our Customer Portal:

  • An intuitive registration process for new tickets. There is no need for costly and time-consuming training.
  • Dynamics Development Center give access to an extensive knowledge base. Users have access to the knowledge base directly from the 4me system.
  • The system allows you to follow in real time both: the response time to the ticket and the time needed to solve the problem.
  • After creating the ticket, the system measures time (according to the concluded SLA). In case of “Declined”, “Waiting for Customer” or “Completed” status, the timer measuring the response time is stopped.
  • The system allows you to define an individual SLA agreement.
  • Users have full access to the history of support services (registered tickets, resolved tickets, pending tickest, communication through the portal, etc.).
  • Each ticket is categorized according to the priority, as a result of which critical errors can be noticed and handled much faster.
  • In addition to communication on the client-consultant line, internal organization communication is also possible.

Sample of support ticket:

Creating a support ticket:​

  1. Choose Service Desk
  2. Find user
  3. Write ticket subject
  4. Open new ticket
  5.  Write note (request description.
  6. Choose category of request
  7. Choose impact
  8. Choose service instance
  9. Choose supplier
  10. Choose member of team in which request should be assign or leave empty
  11. Choose desired completion
  12. Save or cancel changes.