Industries for which Dynamics 365 Business Central is dedicated

Dynamics 365 Business Central software is a comprehensive solution that allows to streamline processes in organizations of various sizes and business characteristics. It is an ERP system that works well in various areas.

  • Trade and distribution industry

The trade and distribution industry is a wide range covering various activities. From companies selling electronics, clothing, and food products to organizations that sell building materials or fuels. Depending on the goods sold, the specifics of the activity may differ significantly, but it is unchanged that every trading company must optimize its trade and distribution processes in order to remain in a competitive market.

Business Central helps to efficiently manage goods and warehouse space. Thanks to this, it is possible to minimize costs, speed up distribution processes and facilitate the work of each warehouse employee.

  • Transport and logistics

The modern market requires transport and logistics companies to constantly improve the quality of their services. This is definitely an industry where the time needed to complete individual processes is of key importance. The use of modern technologies seems to be something without which a modern logistics company cannot compete with others.

Business Central allows you to manage the supply chain more effectively and enables efficient cooperation with suppliers and recipients. Logistics processes are fully integrated with warehouse processes and other areas of the company (including finances).

  • Production

One of the main areas covered by Dynamics 365 Business Central is production. The manufacturing industry is characterized by an exceptionally large variety of processes. Each manufacturing company can be clearly different from each other and have very unique processes implemented. To meet this challenge, Dynamics 365 Business Central first of all offers a very extensive range of industry solutions. Secondly, Business Central provides almost complete freedom in adapting the system to the processes characteristic for a given enterprise.

  • Retail

Examples of the retail market (retail industry) include supermarkets, gas stations or restaurants. It is a market where competition is very high and customer loyalty is important. The retail industry has to face the problem of maintaining a full range and a high level of customer service. Achieving these and other goals is associated with the need to efficiently manage many, not always highly repetitive processes.

Business Central offers a number of solutions dedicated specifically to the retail industry. The offered solutions relate, among others, to the management of various sales channels, service of points of sale (POS) and e-commerce services.

  • Service industry

In the service industry, meeting customer requirements is the key. Increasing the quality of services offered through quick service and the reliability of applied procedures is a challenge faced by every service company, regardless of the industry.

Business Central helps to use the competences of employees and helps in the implementation of innovative solutions. The system supports real-time cooperation mechanisms and thus speeds up the process of taking action. It is a solution that supports the improvement of the quality of implemented projects and cares for customer satisfaction.

  • Finances

Financial and accounting management is an element that every company has to face, regardless of the size or characteristics of its business. Dynamics 365 Business Central software is an extensive ERP system that offers a comprehensive approach to financial management. The finance and accounting module is fully sufficient to keep accounting records even in extremely complex organizations. Relying on Dynamics 365 Business Central guarantees intuitiveness and convenience in everyday use of the system while maintaining high operational efficiency.

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