International versions of Business Central: Polish location

As you know, Business Central is currently available in many different countries. Dynamics Development Center has impresive experience in the area of multinational implementations. That is why we recommend taking a look at our website about local versions of BC:

We have good news for companies with a branch in Poland, because BC is available in Polish and complies with Polish law.

Polish version of Business central is available since 2019. Polish Functionality enables accounting and business management in accordance with Polish law.

Polish Functionality in the cloud version, is written in the form of extensions. It’s available as two separate add-ons. One of them is responsible for adapting BC to Polish legal conditions, while the other is used to translate BC into Polish.
Translating the system into Polish allows you to switch between different language versions. Thanks to this, the user can work smoothly, e.g. using two language versions.
It is worth noting that the Polish language supports the modules included in the Essentials and Premium packages. In addition, you do not have to worry about later updates, as the authors ensure that the update is carried out in accordance with the update schedule adopted for the basic version of Business Central.

Polish On-premise functionality consists of one module containing both language and functionality. It is currently available in the traditional C / AL version.