Modern and friendly user interface available from mobile and desktop device!

The basis of an efficient business management system are, of course, properly functionalities. However, what makes the use of the system convenient and attractive from the user’s perspective is primarily the user interface. Against the background of competing IT systems available on the market, Dynamics 365 Business Central is distinguished by an exceptionally friendly user interface. The service is a bit like what most of us know from the Office 365. Thus, users can learn how to work with the system faster than in the case of other solutions.

Users can work more efficiently thanks to the fact that the view is personalized depending on the role they play in the organization. Thus, the main desktop of Business Central has a different layout in the case of an accountant and a different one in the case of a production engineer. In other words, each user can freely personalize access to key functionalities from  the main view to their needs.

You can start working with Dynamics 365 Business Central almost immediately after starting it. You can quickly take care of, among other things, invoice processing, preparation of offers, order processing or preparation of financial reports. Getting started with the system requires only a short initial training, which is relatively easy for the user to learn compared to competing ERP solutions. Importantly, the implementation of Dynamics 365 Business Central and conducting the necessary training is fast and has no impact on the occurrence of disruptions or interruptions in the implementation of key processes.

Users appreciate the ability to use the system from various devices. Dynamics 365 Business Central is a fully mobile solution, the functionality of which is not poorer as it is in some competing solutions. Regardless of what device or operating system the user works on, the user has access to the same functionalities. Users, regardless of the device, work in one consistent and transparent work environment.

Available platforms and devices:

  • Application for Windows desktops.
  • Tablet applications (Windows, Android, iOS).
  • Smartphone applications (Windows, Android, iPhone).
  • Access via a web browser (Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari).