My first project in DDC

Please be invited to read our friend’s Łukasz article where he shares his thoughts about his first project in DDC. Enjoy!

“From timber to furniture” – my first project in DDC
Since the day I started my studies, I have never wanted to have a job in which I would have been just a cog in the machine, doing routine tasks in one form or another. Thus, I have always looked for project work. One day, I came across an advertisement by Dynamics Development Center. The job offer presented exactly what I wanted to do. However, any situations in which you are supposed to change something may lead to many doubts as to whether the tasks in the job offer reflect the reality.

In DDC, I was not disappointed in the slightest. Even though my initial duties were not too complicated, now I know that they were designed to examine my attitude toward work. My tasks were becoming more and more demanding every day. I was frequently made to use my knowledge acquired during the studies, as well as to show my creativity, or the ability to conduct an analysis. Nevertheless, I was not alone – in Dynamics Development Center one can always rely on the supervisors and their extensive practical experience in the implementation of systems. They guide you to make the first days at work as painless as possible but on the other hand they don’t babysit you. Here in DDC we trust each other, as we know that all of us have necessary skills to accomplish their project goals. That kind of approach results in a situation in which no one needs to be additionally motivated to boost their skills, which develop along with the increasing difficulty of performed tasks anyway.

If you are interested in logistics, you will be responsible for the process of the flow of raw materials. On the other hand, if you are more comfortable with finances, you will create reports for the financial department of a foreign capital group – this is, among others, what I dealt with during my first project. Even though I have always taken an interest in corporate finance, here I was given an opportunity to participate in any area of company’s operations. In this way, I have learnt the peculiarities of the furniture industry. That is just how it is in DDC, after years of intensive work you are able to get in-depth knowledge of different branches or industries – from food sector, to manufacturing and services. One day, you are a manager of joinery, tomorrow you may become an accountant in a dairy company. You have a possibility to change yourself everywhere, in all circumstances. This is what is required from you as a consultant who implements computer systems.

In order to properly design a well-functioning system, you need to identify the needs of your client. You have to know what sales specialist, chief accountant, or production manager deal with. This will give you an extensive knowledge and develop your skills for the future. Not only you will get to know interesting people, but you will also have a chance to walk in their shoes. During the first six months of work I often had an opportunity to conduct trainings, present the results of my work to senior people in the company, or participate in teleconferences with Project Managers from England. And all of this in the first year of my career? – it sounds great for me.

DDC does not forget about my interests – now I devote my time to develop my knowledge and skills in the area of Business Intelligence (BI) programming. Working here, allowed me to get to know myself, my strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, I have learnt to cross the boundaries and I know that I am able to improve a lot of things.
It is you and your predispositions that really counts …
…. working in DDC requires from you versatility and ability to learn quickly. You will be frequently challenged to get to know a great part of your client’s business in a very short time. If you are not afraid of such challenges, and you are ready to take up an interesting and prospective job, or if you want to demonstrate your added value in our company – send us your CV!

Working in Dynamics Development Center:
1. opportunity to get to know and understand the functioning of different branches – project work,
2. getting to know and working with advanced business software – Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, Jet Reports, Power BI,
3. recognition of typical processes taking place in each and every entrepreneurship,
4. co-operation with high-ranking people in a company (CFO, chief accountant, production manager),
5. development of interpersonal and analytical skills,
6. international trips,
7. friendly working environment,
8. possibility to develop skills in the scope of computer programming.