Pre-implementation workshops

Each implementation that we carry out is preceded by pre-implementation workshops. The aim of the workshop is to learn the needs of your organization, obtain information about the planned scope of implementation and present the capabilities of the Business Central system.

What do the workshops look like?
Approximately 1-3 business days should be reserved for conducting pre-implementation workshops.
Before starting the meeting, we recommend that you should think over the processes that will be mapped in the system and plan what external systems your future ERP system should integrate with. Of course, in these activities you can count on the help of our experienced team.
Workshops are always conducted by specialists with many years of experience. This is a meeting that provides a great opportunity to gain knowledge about Business Central.

After workshop you will get a price offer and a GAP-FIT report.
Usually, the price offer, which is determined after pre-implementation workshops, is a very good approximation of the final scope of work. Additionaly, the GAP-FIT report includes all modifications and integrations that the target system design should contain. Based on the information contained in the report, the customer can divide the project into stages and choose modifications that have the best value for money.
We deliver the abovementioned final products (GAP-FIT report and offer) within 5 working days from the end of the workshop.

In addition to price offer and GAP-FIT report, the benefits of conducting workshops include:
• An exact timeline for the work schedule.
• The necessary knowledge about the system and licensing.
• Analysis of the list of processes that will be served by the system.
• The opportunity to learn the competences of the supplier.

Enterprises that decided to conduct workshops agree that due to this small investment they were able to obtain a lot of necessary information, which was very useful in making the final decision on the implementation of the system.

More about diagnostic workshops at https://www.dynamicsdc.com/en/business-central-workshops