Production in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business central offers a number of functionalities supporting production management. This article presents a few selected functionalities that are characteristic of a production module.

Bill of components BOM – this functionality allows you to set registration prices and create bill of materials. This functionality is of great importance when configuring the entire production module.

Production orders
– thanks to production orders, you can replenish stock. The scheduling of the requisition can be based on the sales lines. It is a functionality that can be integrated with picking orders or transfer orders.

Agile production planning – the functionality cooperates with the process of planning deliveries and planning production capacity.

Version management – the ability to create different BOMs and routes.

Delivery planning – delivery planning includes a number of functionalities within which there are, among others, automatic purchase orders, automatic transfer orders, automatic picking orders, inventory configuration taking into account specific rules of re-ordering and broadly understood support for material requirements planning (e.g. with the possibility of taking into account the cycle implementation).

Demand forecasting – get forecasts for selected inventory. According to the forecasts, the system is able to plan production orders and purchase orders.

Planning of production capacity – production capacity is planned based on routes, loads of selected work centers and the required material requirements.
Defining workstations – thanks to the configuration of individual workstations, it is possible to collect and store data on the production process. This type of data helps in managing production capacity and thus enables more effective planning.

Inventory – the system allows you to monitor inventory and determine the demand for components, semi-finished products and raw materials on an ongoing basis.

Integration of Material Requirement Planning (MRP) with Bill of Materials (BOM) – automatic suggestions for production orders generated on the basis of MRP, current sales BOM and production capacity.

You can read more about the production module at https://dynamicseip.com/en/what-we-do/industry-solutions/production/

To sum up, Dynamics 365 Business Central is a comprehensive solution that offers a comprehensive approach to production management. The user is able to manage ongoing production works, manage orders, material resources, workstations and many other aspects characteristic of production processes from the one modern and intuitive software.