Project management module in Business Central

Project management is one of the Business Central modules available under a standard user license. A few characteristic functionalities in the field of project management are listed below.

Resource management

An important element of project management is the skilful use of resources. In the case of Business Central, the resource can be understood as a person (human resource) or a device / material. The functionalities included in Business Central allow you to combine resources into groups, register and edit their prices and track their location. From the project management point of view, it is particularly important to track the performance of a specific resource and its availability. Thanks to this, the person managing the project can better match the resource to the project needs.

Time sheet

A timesheet is a tool that enables the registration of working time and the approval of reported tasks by superiors. Reported hours are assigned to a specific order and can be booked or recognized as costs.

The order functionality is used to register the consumption on the basis of which the invoice is generated. Settlements can be made at a fixed rate or as consumption (fo example time & material).

Comprehensive insight into projects

Project management allows you to use many functionalities that are typical for project management. Among others: resource planning, budget management, work progress monitoring and registration of inventory consumption. Thanks to functionalities of this type, the user receives comprehensive information about a specific project and at the same time sees how the resources are used in individual projects. As a result, you can allocate resources to projects faster, more conveniently and more effectively.

The program assigns the appropriate costs and resource prices for each task. Thus, order budgets are created that help in managing profitability.

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