Reporting using Jet Reports

We invite you to discover great add-on to Excel – Jet Reports.
Jet Reports is the most popular package for reporting, dedicated for the Dynamics systems. It is available as an add-on for Excel. It allows you to create reports directly in Excel by downloading data from Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central. Jet Reports contains an extensive collection of reports and dashboards that allow you to create attractive reports – within just one hour (instead of the whole day or week).

Automatically downloading data from the system to a spreadsheet means greater efficiency and less chance for mistakes.
The main advantage of using Jet Reports is to reduce the time to download data from the system and paste them into Excel to process information. Time-consuming and completely ineffective process of downloading data to generate a report is a problem for many enterprises. Another advantage of using automatic data downloading is the fact that people inherently make mistakes during reporting (especially when data comes from many sources). Therefore, the use of technology has a positive effect on the reduction of possible errors.

Working in an Excel environment is affordable and known to employees around the world. Individuals from accounting departments are willing to use reporting methods that they have known for a long time. Thanks to Jet Reports, you can still generate financial statements in a format that is well known to all of us.

The advantages of Jet Reports:

  • Data downloaded from the Dynamics system can be processed in real time. Thanks to this, there is no need to create new reports every month or quarterly. All you need to do is refresh the data and download / send the report.
  • Thanks to the large visual capabilities and the use of Microsoft Excel, Jet Reports allows you to create attractive and effective reports.
  • With Jet Scheduler you can automate reporting. All you have to do is set the email addresses of the people you want to send reports to.
  • The use of Jet Reports is intuitive and can be successfully used by the managerial staff. There is no need to engage IT specialists.