Sure Step implementation methodology

Sure Step is a methodology for implementing integrated information systems recommended by Microsoft. The methodology can be defined as a set of rules and tools that help effective implementation of the ERP system.
Relying on the experience gained by Microsoft during implementations around the world, we can manage projects according to the highest standards.
The methodology consists of six main phases and two phases which are defined as additional (optimization and upgrade).

The main phases:

  • Diagnostic
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Operation

Additional phases:

  • Optimiazation
  • Upgrade

Sure Step

Diagnostic is a pre-implementation phase, the purpose of diagnosis is to choose a solution that suits the needs of the client.

STEP 1: Analysis
Analysis is the phase that starts the implementation. It is crucial for the success of the project. As part of this phase, a “Kick-Off” meeting is held during which the project is discussed in detail by the project teams both on the supplier’s and the client’s side. The initiation of the implementation process is preceded by workshops that aim to present the system to future users. The effect of the “Kick Off” meeting is a document (Project Card), which contains the implementation schedule and information about the required budget.

STAGE 2: Design
This stage is used to make the project of implementing the system in accordance with the client’s business needs.

ETAP 3: Development
The main goal is to carry out the process of building and testing system components. During this stage, the functionalities set in the analysis phase are developed and integrated. In the final part of the work, provider make the process of migration test data.

ETAP 4: Deployment
During the Deployment pahse, final tests of system operation are carried out, followed by Go-Live Checklist approval. This stage contains the final data migration (in the case of a production module). As a result, the phase ends with moving the activities to the new Microsoft Dynamics system.

ETAP 5: Operation
After the implementation process lasting several months, the support phase starts after the system is started. The supplier provides instructions, knowledge and a support service. Finally, an audit of the implementation quality is made.

Selected advantages of the Sure Step methodology:

  • The implementation is divided into stages allowing customers to follow the ongoing changes. During the implementation process the client is assured that the implementation proceeds according to the assumptions.
  • The supplier is obliged to accurately identify the client’s needs (learning about the characteristics of the given organization or the entire industry).
  • Customer and supplier obligations are clearly defined.
  • The implementation process is based on reliable documentation.
  • Thanks to clearly defined stages, obligations and reliable documentation, communication between project participants is simplified.