Video from the Microsoft Business Applications Summit + short description

A Microsoft Business Applications Summit conference took place last week. Conducted lectures are an excellent opportunity to hear inspirational stories about the use of technologies developed by Microsoft. The event was opened by James Phillips with the lecture “Opening Keynote – Digital transformation with Microsoft Business Applications”. During the opening lecture several case-studies were presented, which were discussed by people who work with Microsoft applications in their enterprises on a daily basis. In the further part of the article, we present a “case studies” referring to Dynamics 365.

The full recording from “Opening Keynote – Digital transformation with Microsoft Business Applications” is available here.
Polaris Industries – an example of using different distribution channels in Dynamics 365
The first case study presented was the use of Dynamics 365 by an American company dealing in the production of snowmobiles, off-road vehicles and electric vehicles. It has been explained that synchronizing sales data from various distribution channels is a very important aspect. The presented company has a diverse portfolio of recipients because they are both individual clients as well as armed forces and local administrative units (government contracts). Sales for individual clients are also divided into two main channels, i.e.: sales through a dealer network and through an online store. Each distribution channel generates separate sales data, which are processed using Dynamics 365. During the conference, the key role of the Dynamics 365 system was highlighted, thanks to which the company has a holistic view on sales.
Microsoft – an example of using Dynamics 365 for Talent and LinkedIn in the recruitment proces
Microsoft’s career website generates approximately 67 million visits per month. Thanks to that, the recruitment department has the opportunity to review 175,000 applications per month. As a result, there are up to 10,000 recruitment interviews. These numbers really make an impression and certainly generate a lot of work for the HR department. However, the recruitment problem does not occur only in the largest corporations of the world, but in every developing company. The use of Dynamics 365 for Talent and LinkedIn allows you to open the workflow of information between the management and the recruitment department. This is possible thanks to a transparent career tracking system. As a result, Dynamics 356 allows you to connect different departments in the
in the organization into one cohesive ecosystem taking part in supporting the recruitment process. In addition, the use of Dynamics affects the efficiency of the recruiter’s daily work:
– it allows the user to better plan the dates of recruitment interviews,
– it allows the user to develop the reference program (employee referral program),
– it allows the user to view the recruitment history.
McDonald Miller – an example of applying technology in device placement management
Another case study was the presentation of a company from the construction industry, McDonald Miller. The owner of the company talked about the possibilities of using Microsoft applications to properly manage the device placement. Thanks to the use of technology, he knows how to “spread the right tools at the right time in the right place”. Employees know where a particular tool is located and can reach it much faster than before. In addition, attention was paid to the solution based on the use of sensors that are used to send data to Dynamics 365. In the presented case study was talked about data informing about the operation of electrical devices (radiators, air conditioners, lamps, etc.).