What’s new in 2021 release wave 1?

Every six months, Microsoft announces a major update for Dynamics 365 products. Updates are released in semi-annual cycles starting from April to September and from October to March. Below we present a few selected news that will be made available for Business Central as part of the 2021 release wave 1.

Improving efficiency and intuitiveness for Business Central
Dynamics 365 Business Central will be once again updated with improvements aimed at improving the efficiency of working with the program. In other words, the changes introduced under Release Wave 1 2021 are aimed at increasing productivity when working with the system and making work comfortable and intuitive. Below are some samples of the announced improvements related to productivity and intuitiveness when working with the system.

Microsoft announces, among other things, the implementation of the possibility of improving the value of dimensions for entries in the general ledger.

Large operations can affect the efficiency of Business Central (e.g. extend loading times). To prevent this, there is a possibility to set up order queues. Until now, setting up order queues could be not very intuitive. In order to improve this process, there are updates that implement the “assisted setup”, i.e. a solution that improves the configurations when creating order queues. You can read more about this solution here.

Another announced change concerns the automatic creation of information cards for batch and serial numbers. More about this solution here.

  • A full list of changes to improve productivity while working with the system is available here.
  • The list of updates can also be downloaded as a PDF file: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=2153357

Deep integration with Microsoft Teams, Power BI and Universal Print
The announced feature is the ability to display contacts from Business Central in Teams. You can also expect a deeper integration with Power BI, as it will be possible to use the Business Central API as a data source that is to be an alternative to using WebServices.

One of the most announced news is the Microsoft Universal Print service, which allows you to manage document printing directly from the Business Central level. With Universal Print, you can send documents to any printer defined in the Universal Print management platform.

Adaptation to local legal and accounting conditions
More local versions will be available (for India, Greece, Romania and Turkey). As a result, the system will be available in 52 countries. This fact is important for companies that have branches in different countries.