What’s new in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Features planned for release in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central between October 2018 and March 2019.
Features planned for release in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central between October 2018 and March 2019.

List of functionalities:
LP. Functionality Online vs on -premises Date
1 Productivity features for desktop users Online & on-premises October 2018
2 Accessibility features for desktop users Online & on-premises October 2018
3 Refreshed experience on major desktop screens Online & on-premises October 2018
4 Business Central everywhere Online & on-premises October 2018
5 Combined mobile/companion app for Business Central Online & on-premises October 2018
6 Enhanced Power BI embed experience On-premises October 2018
7 Enhancements in Finance, Sales, and Purchasing Online & on-premises October 2018
8 Simpler workflows across business areas Online & on-premises October 2018
9 Easier to get started Online & on-premises October 2018
10 Permission sets are editable Online & on-premises October 2018
11 Tenant administration for VARs Online & on-premises October 2018
12 Improved Visual Studio Code AL experience Online & on-premises October 2018
13 Localization apps and translation apps Online October 2018
14 Intelligent edge for Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL, and Dynamics NAV Online & on-premises October 2018
15 Late payment predictions Online October 2018
16 Improved scrolling in lists Online & on-premises After October 2018
17 Additional productivity features for desktop users Online & on-premises Undetermined

Productivity features for dekstop users.

  • The October 2018 update introduces a refreshed desktop interface and several features that increase productivity. Among others:
  • Improved functions in working with lists,
  • New version of the Page Search.

Accessiblity features for desktop users.
Microsoft cares about the availability of its products for everyone. This means that the software has special functions: for example, for visually impaired users and for users with limited mobility. Business Central offers access from the keyboard  to all aspects of the interface. In addition, for the visually impaired, it is possible to display the image on the monitor screen in the high contrast option.

“Business Central Everywhere “.
Dynamics Business Central 365 is available in both local on-premises and in the cloud.

The Business Central application is available on:

  • Windows 10* (desktop, tablet, phone),
  • Android (tablet or phone),
  • iOS (tablet or phone).

*The full desktop mode is supported on computers running Windows 10.

Mobile application for Business Central.
Through the mobile application, Business Central users can maintain a high level of productivity. Regardless of the platform or device.

Enhanced Power BI embed experience.
The improvement in the field of Power Bi concerns the selection of default reports, and the ability to manage reports generated by Power BI applications without leaving the Business Central.

Improvements in finance, sales and purchases.
• Business Central offers support for non-inventory products. The term refers to products that can be bought or sold but are not stored in a warehouse.
• Fixed assets appreciation posting available through purchase invoice
• Frequently used reports have gotten a layout refresh and a more modern look.
• Multiple interest rates
• VAT reconcilation.
• Archiving of blanket orders and document line tracking.

Simpler workflows acros business areas.

  • Based on user feedback, the payment process has been improved by adding searchable aliases or accounting entries, customers, suppliers anvd employees.
  • View outstanding vendor invoices. Select and choose which to pay. Automatically fill in payment journal.
  • View outstanding customer invoices, Select and choose to receive payment. Automatically fill in cash receipts journal.

Easier to get stared.
To avoid situations when the administrator forgot to add users, the ” Manage users ” action is added to the Create Company assisted setup
In addition, billing periods are optional, from now the user can run the business without setting billing periods such as closing the year.

Permission setes are editable.
From now you can edit, add or remove permissions for specific users.

Improved Visual Studio Code AL. experience.
With the ability to create your own extensions, developers can be more productive. In addition, extensions can help to meet the clients requirements in the customization area.

ion apps and translation apps.
The October 2018 update is the new local version for Iceland, Norway and Mexico.
In addition, partners can create location and translation applications based on the international version of Business Central (W1).

Intellignet Edge for Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL and Dynamics NAV.
With October release, you can easily connect local solutions with cloud solutions. Available cloud solutions are: Power BI, PowerApps , Microsoft Flow , and AI.

Late payment predictions.
Extenions for „late payment predictions” is available. With the use of machine learning technology, it is possible to create a model in just a few steps, which on the basis of collected data creates forecasts of customers pay habits.

Improved scrolling in list.

Additional productivity features for dekstop users.

Source: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/business-applications-release-notes/October18/dynamics365-business-central/planned-features