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1. Business requirements

The Business Central system offers the possibility of using a simplified process of creating e-mail messages with e.g. sales invoices, correction invoices and reminders. There are also Extensions available, which enable the system to be integrated with programs for handling e-mails (e.g. Outlook).


Despite many simplifications of the tasks related to the full exchange of information between the company and the recipient, these solutions work well for relatively low volumes of messages to be sent. There are activities that need to be performed manually to obtain an effect, e.g. to generate a message, it is necessary to go to the appropriate directory and then press the appropriate button for each document separately.


In order to improve the activities related to the creation of e-mails, the Invoice Mail Queue module was developed. It allows you to automate the process of sending e-mails, while giving users the ability to control the messages to be sent. It consists in the automatic creation of an e-mail according to the type of document, when posting it – when the document is posted, an e-mail message is automatically created from the existing template, which is selected when creating e.g. a sales invoice. E-mail message contains PDF file with the Sales document attached, the subject of the message and Sender/Receiver addresses are automatically added. Additionally, a page has been created where it is possible to select messages to be sent collectively. This improvement makes it possible to avoid a large amount of manual work and mistakes resulting from a large amount of repetitive work.