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2.1 Invoice Mail Queue

The Invoice Mail Queue was created to manage the queue of e-mails created during the posting of documents in the system or other activities, as a result of which it is possible to generate them. For all recipients for whom the Extended Email Address has been entered and the Send Email option has been selected (on the customer card or in the document), a message will be automatically created. In Invoice Mail Queue, there is a list-type view in which it is possible to manage messages (sending, editing addresses, exclusion from messages for sending). If all e-mails are entered correctly and have not been rejected, it is possible to send them all by pressing one button.

Several buttons have been added to the website to facilitate work:

  • Edit List – allows you to edit the fields: Email Sent (possibility to resend the message) and Email,
  • Delete – removes the selected record,
  • Send Email – sending e-mails – you can select several and send them,
  • Show Posted Document – allows you to view the document assigned to the message,
  • Navigate – Moves to the log entries corresponding to the document.

To facilitate the work with the module, an additional Boolean Send Email has been added to the files with open documents – which allows not to create an e-mail from a given document, without the need to first go to the buyer’s file and disable the option.

Additionally, in the Invoice Mail Queue tab, the Document Template Code field is available, in which there is the name of the selected document template, according to which the numbering series was assigned. The Extended Email Address field was used for the solution, from which addresses are transferred and then messages sent to them.

Due to the possibility of introducing several values, it was more advantageous to use it – customers may have several recipients, e.g. managers and director. There is no need to forward them by one person.